Eco-Anxiety: Here's how you can help


Eco-Anxiety: Here's how you can help

By Doc Pow for #ClimateWeek2019

Yes, Eco-Anxiety is now a thing. Some of us are feeling a bit of dread and are weary with the way we are living. Our impact on the environment seems to be finally sinking in, but we are not sure which way to go or how to act.

This post is intended to give some suggestions about how we can cope with eco-anxiety.

The shift happened for me on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019 when more than 4,000,0000 students and adults took to the streets for the #GlobalClimateStrike. It marks a massive shift in attitude and helps us explore the options about what we can do as Canadians living in an abundant society.

With the many reports in the media and with class-action suits piling up in the United States, it shows citizen groups are demanding justice. It makes you feel that now – more than ever – is the time that we all have to stand up and realize that change needs to happen now.

This video from the superstar of this movement, climate activist Greta Thunberg, along with George Monbiot speak about action in three ways: Protect, Restore and Fund.

Here’s how we can, in our own part of the world, act on these three initiatives:


Carpool to the hill this ski season will pay you if you've got seats available.

Stay tuned for SnowSeekers car-pooling incentives for those who want to group up and ski mid-week

Consider an electric vehicle. Our correspondent, The Mindful Explorer, recently completed Vancouver to Calgary to Medicine Hat, to Lethbridge and back to the coast through Cranbrook, Oliver and Hope in an EV.

You could actually complete the Powder Highway all EV as well.

Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver all have Electric Vehicle Associations; investigate and learn about the options.


Get in on National Tree Day, Sept. 25, happening in locations around the country. Here are few events happening in the west – including Winnipeg and Vancouver (note Calgary and Edmonton are not involved but we can hook you up with the organizers to host Alberta’s versions next year).

In this story, we talk about joining community clean-up days.


Join Protect our Winters Canada. Your $15 membership goes towards activations.

Get on their Twitter hustle right now, joining the millions of #FridayForFutures voices that are rising in support of the climate crisis.

Check out this impressive list of organizations that would welcome donations or volunteer hours to help them thrive from the Alberta Eco Trust – responsible for securing a clean future across Alberta.

Whatever you do, please keep reading, keep learning and as the Dalai Lama once said, “Worry is waste.” Those citizens getting behind #ClimateWeek2019 are adding their motto: “It’s time to activate.”

Let us know what you find @ #ZenSeekers & #SnowSeekers