Here’s Ways to Change Our Ways


Here’s Ways to Change Our Ways

Doc Pow

I like snow – a lot. I score a lot of Zen while shredding the gnar.

I want it to be around for a long time coming. If you do as well read on…

Here’s how you can get in on #FridaysForFuture – sign up or join one of these potentials:

Go Plant Trees

Plant a Tree Day hits Vancouver Sept 28 in Stanely Park - Calgary and Edmonton are not on the list, perhaps someone can get one going?

Want to know the difference between a pine, spruce and fir? Find out here.

And the rest of solutions to make changes now we'll leave to Greta Thunberg who lays out three simple steps to taking action in a planet with an environment under crisis.

Protect -

Protect our Winters Canada does just that - join today.

#DYK forests around the world are being burned down at a rate of 30 soccer fields, a minute? Write politicians and ask questions about how lands are managed with what influence we can have on global situations happening in Brazil and Indonesia.

Here is a list of those politicians in Alberta

List of politicians in BC

Restore - volunteer to help nature bounce back – river valley, beach clean ups found here

or join a neighbourhood clean-up party in Vancouver

Make sure to check out this National Tree Day this Wednesday.

Fund – those who have stock interests in fossil fuel and mining, perhaps it’s time to divest and look to ethical investments; who are on the rise with stellar returns all around. Wealth Simple makes it easy (not sponsored, we just like how it was laid out).

Here is a primer by the Globe & Mail on what exactly is ethical Investing.

As Greta says, our time is to act now.

Expect more from us at Seekers as we work to keep you informed on how to keep the planet in its best shape for all us snow, festival and zen seekers out there…

More information

Go meat free for a week

The next challenge starts Sept 23. Sign up here.

Need more inspiration? Learn how to rock a plant based lifestyle here.

Make sure to read MEC's response to the Global Climate Strike.