Northern Alberta

This is a region of Alberta few take the time to visit, but those who do are met with a menu of experiences that might require a week or even a month. Towns and communities are the basecamps to fuel up and head out into the backcountry for nature, boating and camping adventures.

At the centre of it all is Fort McMurray. Here’s what one of our writer, Jody Robbins had to say about her experience there.  

“I’d never been to Fort McMurray and if you haven’t either, I bet you also hold assumptions about this northern Alberta city. Fort McMurray is best known as ground zero for oil sands production. There’s definitely energy here, but it’s not just in the ground. I discovered it’s much more than a hard working town. This vibrant community nestled within a picturesque valley offers a myriad of adventures for outdoor enthusiasts.”

Not far from Fort McMurray, there are lakes teeming with fish, First Nations experiences and endless backcountry to explore. Head to Grande Prairie, the site of the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum or a place like Peace River, which is just as tranquil as it sounds.  You’ll never see more spectacular Northern Lights, learn from shared cultures and mix in with locals.