Take a summer road trip to five dinosaur destinations spanning northern Alberta and BC!

Five massive DINO destinations deliver you into prehistoric times with hands-on experiences, interpretation, virtual reality and real, palaeontological outdoor activities.

Grande Cache, AB

Wembley, AB

The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

Tumbler Ridge, BC

Prince George, BC 

Visit all five destinations on a summer 2023 road trip for an in-depth dinosaur experience of a lifetime.

How to do the #dinotrail

You'll want to plan ahead to ensure you can enjoy all the feature experiences on the #dinotrail. 

Getting there: the easiest way to connect all five Alberta and BC destinations is as a driving road trip. See the Google Map below to plot your route. 

Booking experiences: we recommend you book at least 4 - 6 weeks ahead for June through September visits (some activities have limited space and fill up fast!)

For a sample itinerary, keep reading; or check out the stories on each destination to learn more about each stop on your trip.

Sample itinerary

You can start at any of the four main towns along the #dinotrail. 

Here is a sample starting from Grande Cache, AB.

1) Grande Cache: explore prehistoric times using VR

Put on the VR headset and become a palaeontologist, at one of the most important sites for dinosaur tracks in the world

New for summer 2023, the Grande Cache Tourism and Interpretive Centre introduces an amazing virtual reality experience that will take you back into prehistoric times. 

Designer's rendition of the new VR experience in Grande Cache.

Get to know Grande Cache and all the adventure it holds. 

DRIVE: 2.5h from Grande Cache to Wembley AB

2) Wembley, AB & the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum: dig in bonebeds, see amazing fossils

Wembley is the site of one of the world's richest fossil discoveries, and home to the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.  

Take your pick of the museum's feature experiences: 

become a palaeontologist for a day! (tours run Jun - Aug)  

raft through dino-land and discover secrets of the Wapiti (Jun - Aug)

These are the Indiana Jones of dinosaur tours, where you can join a field crew and dig at an excavation site, interacting with actual researchers to learn more about the fascinating science of palaeontology, and then witness their discoveries. 

Read more about Wembley, AB and the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, to plan your visit.

DRIVE: 2.5h from Wembley, AB to Tumbler Ridge, BC

3) Tumbler Ridge, BC: walk in dino tracks along the Rockies

At Tumbler Ridge Museum this summer, book a day or night tour following in the tracks of dinosaurs guaranteed to open your eyes to the impact these beasts had on the landscape. Tours run July through August.

Walking along a creekbed where dinosaurs once roamed.

Read about Tumbler Ridge and all the cool adventures you can have there. 

DRIVE: 4.5h from Tumbler Ridge to Prince George, BC

4) Prince George: meet dino cousins and get hands-on

The Exploration Place in Prince George has collections that span from the dinosaur age to its ancient mammalian successors and living cousins including tortoises, birds and snakes. Plus, many chances to learn through hands-on exploration.

Skeletons like the woolly mammoth and live animal ambassadors reveal links to the prehistoric past.

Northern Alberta and BC are on the vanguard of dinosaur research, with some of the most fossil-rich bonebeds and dinosaur discoveries in the world.  

Recent discoveries here are propelling palaeontology in the area, and bringing new experiences to dino lovers everywhere.

East to west or west to east, or any point in between, you can set out on a road trip that will fulfill any dino lover's wildest dreams.