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Highlighting Alberta’s NE

- Jeremy Derksen for #TakeItToTheLake

Without the fanfare of the big city, rural artists, outfitters and entrepreneurs can be easily overlooked by the urban crowd. The shiny spectacle of advertising - LED billboards, pop-up banners, giant inflatables or other marketing tools - just aren't there to shine the same spotlight on the rural scene.

Folks in Alberta’s northeast may be more humble and less self-promoting, but they are equally as deserving of attention. Tucked quietly into boundless landscapes where forest and valley and wide-open space trump advertising, there are businesses and creators stirring things up and bringing new life to places like Athabasca, Lac La Biche, Bonnyville, Vermilion and Canada’s newest Indigenous Attraction at Metis Crossing.

To help drive some attention to these very deserving creative spirits, FestivalSeekers & ZenSeekers are expanding our #TakeItToTheLake efforts by bringing you a new festival. 

We’re stoked to welcome you to the #TakeItToTheLake Creators Showcase.

Each Wednesday from August 5 through September 2, we will be working with entrepreneurs in each destination to highlight what they do. We will bring you into the conversation via live meetings on Facebook. Here’s your chance to learn from these creators and be inspired to #TakeItToTheLake this summer.

RSVP today for the #TakeItToTheLake Creators Showcase, go backstage to see how North East Alberta’s creators do what they do https://www.facebook.com/events/626012234697078/ (if you haven’t had the chance yet to RSVP and share this post, please do)

Take a look at what we plan to showcase starting August 5th.

Aniwye Adventures launched their adventure rental company this season and offer everything you need to enjoy the region's bountiful landscape from kayaks to fishing gear. The new lakeside location in McArthur Park, Lac La Biche makes it easy to grab your gear and go. Join Aniwye Adventures when they go live on FaceBook August 5 from Lac La Biche County to learn more.


Noella Summerville is a stained glass artisan whose work adorns the church in Janvier, AB. She offers workshops in glass, leather and drum making arts with a focus on the restorative effects of art on the human psyche.  Noella is stoked to go live on Facebook as well on August 5

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In the Bonnyville region, Kim Grey opened his new fishing guide business the winter of 2019-20, and has now expanded to summer offerings. As the authorized dealer for T.C. Moto, he is an expert in the various bait and lure options for fishing, and has begun sourcing locally made options from the region as well. He’ll be sharing some fishing tips when we go live on  August 12.

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Old School Cheesery in Vermilion county is only the sixth craft cheesemaker to operate in Alberta, a rare distinction in itself. Valerie Roberts insists on getting her milk from her neighbours’ farm to support local and reduce impacts. Join us on August 19 to learn how to make cheese with the cheesemakers from Old School Cheesery.

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Athabasca Boat Rentals opened the door to their supply of rentals in 2020 creating new opportunities for watercraft adventures in Athabasca. If you love cruising the lakes using a power craft but don’t own one, this is who you call. They deliver speedboats, Sea-doos or ponton cruisers right to the shore. Hit the river in Athabasca with us August 26 when we go live on FaceBook with the folks from Athabasca Boat Rentals. Maybe we’ll go for a rip! Join us for that one.

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Métis Crossing near Smoky Lake is an informative step back in time where you learn how the Métis story is important to the history of Alberta. In 2020 the centre launched a new private experience called Meet the Métis. Bring your crew to learn one-on-one what it took to be some of the first settlers to this region. Join us as we visit Métis Crossing on September 2 to showcase the Meet the Métis program and learn some of the techniques they used to live over two hundred years ago on the same shores as we will be visiting. 

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What do all these creative enterprises have in common?

Aside from the obvious geographic similarity, it’s simply that you may not have heard of them until now. But like their big-city counterparts, they have taken on risk, navigated uncertainty, refined their brand, encountered complex challenges and collaborated to create something new in their respective communities. 

What’s more, because they don’t have the same ease and luxury of urban supply chains, these businesses have often come up with creative ways to procure ingredients or get their offerings to market. And they do it with style and character. 

There’s more to each of these stories and many more like them in their communities, We haven’t even talked about the new distillery or how Alberta’s Économusée are bringing together craft producers and artists to help visitors get close-up experiences in their shops and studios. So little time and so much to talk about!

Join Go East of Edmonton and @FestivalSeekers as we showcase these businesses in the, #TakeItToTheLake Creators Showcase.

Every Wednesday from August 5 through September 2, pull up a chair in front of your computer and join us as we meet these local entrepreneurs in each destination.  

#TakeItToTheLake Creators Showcase schedule is as follows:

Aug 5 - Lac La Biche Region

Aug 12 - M. D. of Bonnyville

Aug 19 - Town of Vermilion and area

Aug 26 - Athabasca County

Sept 2 - Metis Crossing

Find all the action by following #TakeItToTheLake on Facebook or joining our FestivalSeekers Facebook page at @FestivalSeekers

RSVP today for the #TakeItToTheLake Creators Showcase, go backstage to how Alberta NE’s creators do what they do https://www.facebook.com/events/626012234697078/ (if you haven’t had the chance yet to RSVP and share this post, please do)

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