Explore Alberta via a road trip along the Boom Town Trail. Alberta’s east-central region is home to a collection of communities that are sure to impress. You might wonder “just what is to experience in this part of Alberta”?  Well here @ZenSeekers, we share these stories and videos to help inspire and educate on the abundance of experiences just waiting for you.

We are not going to lie, when we first started this project and thought about each of these small town communities, we weren’t so sure we’d have much to write and/or film about. Man were we wrong.

From funky communities home to characters you’ll want to know, to attractions that will get your heart racing, to landscapes that will take you back thousands of years and an array of events to keep you seeing the world through wider eyes - the #BoomTownTrail is perfect for those looking to make new discoveries.

Have a read to our stories, share our videos, and uncover what is in store when you travel the #BoomTownTrail.

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Until then, please learn more on what this region has waiting for you.