Horseback Riding

Abbot Pass Hut Alberta Rockies hiking Stevie Gaultier turn FOMO to YOLO adventure

I love FOMO: an adventure seeker's confession


A hike to Abbot Pass Hut inspired ZenSeekers' Stevie Gaultier to turn FOMO into YOLO adventures...

Stoking the fire: finding nature and joy in the Grande Prairie region


Waking in the middle of the night to a dwindling fire, a few hours’ ride by horse from civilization...

Horse ride with Leaning Tree Trail Rides, Athabasca County

Back in the saddle, back to nature


Clucks and whinnies greet Caitlyn Chernish and Toni Shenfield as they walk towards the bright red...

A family kayaks on the lake in MD Bonnyville

Pie and possibility - Becoming a kid again in the M.D. of Bonnyville


Dewy purple and magenta bursts of berries hang pendulously from the branches of eight-foot high...