Sharks, and bears!


Sharks, and bears!

To a lot of us, sharks and bears have a lot in common. Both of these magnificent creatures can evoke fear and curiosity just by talking about them. There is confusion about what to do if you encountered one, and how to better protect them in their natural habitats.

For World Oceans Day, ZenSeekers' own Doc Pow had an oceanside chat with shark scientist, videographer, and conservationist Justin Blake.

Press play on the interview, then scroll through these breathtaking images captured by Blake and his friend Ryan Daly, and 4 actions you can take to conserve ocean habitats.

1 - Educate yourself, find trusted sources of information to learn about these animals, not fake news and sensationalist media.

2 - Talk, showing others you are concerned through your words -  Marine reserves do work, like an investment account that keeps paying dividends.

3 - Act with your wallet - support marine reserves and support passionate people promoting them.

You can support World Oceans Day or support Blake's work directly with the RockHopper Fund he’s founded.

4 - When you're eating out or grocery shopping, ask if seafood is sustainably sourced - it has been shown that just asking a question (not starting a fight) changes where restaurants and outlets source seafood, there are sustainable options.

Did you know if you flip a shark upside down it passes out? Blake and his team use this technique to tag and study a shark's health.

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Check out @JustinBlakePhoto on Instagram.

Check the Shark Tracker Blake talks about in his interview.

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